Our Mission

Our Mission is to enhance and strengthen our
community by promoting and assisting local talents and small businesses. We also proudly represent El Paso and serve as ambassadors for the Mission Trail.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create a hospitable atmosphere that promotes cultural understanding. We want to give visitors a glimpse into what El Paso offers while embodying the city's essence. To achieve this, we strive to maintain consistent and reliable tourist services, raise awareness of the local culture, support and showcase local artists, and educate people on the significance of the Mission, the Tigua Tribe, and their people.

Our Inspiration

Our inspiration is the Ysleta Mission, built by people who showed courage, strength, and tenacity, and it serves as our inspiration. Our historical setting offers visitors a welcoming and familiar atmosphere where they can learn about the Mission and bring home a story to share. Whether visiting for the first time or returning, everyone has a thought-provoking experience that makes them feel connected and comforted by the environment.