To ensure the best customer experience while prioritizing sustainability, we have cultivated a culture of practicing eco-friendly methods. Our aim is to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a conscious approach towards global warming, benefiting both present and future generations. Here are the practices we uphold to achieve these goals:

To minimize our digital footprint, we actively manage our online presence by deleting old email accounts, unsubscribing from mailing lists, and deactivating or deleting outdated accounts. Additionally, we regularly remove sold-out product photos and data files from our website and network.

In our commitment to reduce paper waste, we have embraced a paperless approach. We opt for e-billing to receive our bills, conduct digital payments for our expenses, and send digital receipts, invoices, and documents. Whenever possible, we utilize cloth towels instead of paper towels, and we offer eco-friendly reusable alternatives to traditional paper products. Furthermore, we prioritize the use of recycled paper and sustainable sources for any paper products we do utilize.

Water conservation is a significant aspect of our sustainability efforts. We repurpose unused water to water our plants, effectively reducing our water waste. Additionally, we make a conscious choice to directly purchase from artisans, minimizing both our own and their carbon footprints.

To promote the reduction of global carbon emissions produced by vehicles, we actively encourage visitors to utilize alternative transportation methods such as our trolley, metro, or ride-sharing services.

The principles of reducing, reusing, and recycling are deeply ingrained in our organization. Whenever possible, we embrace this model, thereby becoming preservation artists who restore, upcycle, and reuse preowned items, effectively reducing landfill waste and the emission of harmful gases like methane and carbon dioxide. Furthermore, we prioritize the acquisition of preowned office equipment and furniture before considering brand-new items.

In order to reduce our energy consumption, we have taken various measures. We utilize Energy Star rated LED lighting, ensure computers are shut down at night, and implement power-saving modes during periods of inactivity.

We have chosen Shopify as our website host due to their commitment to climate responsibility. Their dedication is evident through initiatives such as the Shopify Sustainability Fund, carbon-neutral shop purchases, investments in carbon removal, and their innovative Planet app, which was launched to further their sustainability goals.

By practicing these sustainable measures, we strive to maintain an eco-friendly environment, enhance the customer experience, and contribute to the well-being of both society and the planet for generations to come.